The Langley Sustainable Agriculture Foundation hosted a workshop in 2014 on the provincial Environmental Farm Plan Program aimed at helping farmers identify ways to better protect soil, water sources and wildlife from the impact of commercial farming.


Speaker Bios:

MONICA FITZL / Langley; Second Nature Farm organic producers of 5,000+ eggs daily for local markets on 17.5 acres

Quote: “Those who love the land or are at least concerned about it will find (the workshop) very helpful.

SUSAN SNOW / Delta; Snow Farms organic vegetable growers of some 40+ varieties for CSA and local markets on 70 leased acres

Quote: “We went through the program 11 years ago and were among the first to do so. . .We started from scratch and it was so helpful to get it done right the first time. . . I recommend this program all the time, especially for people who are just starting organic farming.

RACHEL DRENNAN / Yarrow; Drennan Horse Farm, breeder of Pinto sport horses on 5 acres

Quote: “As a biologist by training, I’m very interested in the health of the watershed in the Fraser Valley . . . There’s a huge lack of education; people just don’t know what to do. It’s so helpful to have someone say, ‘Hey, this is what you could do.‘”

BRIAN ANDERSON / Langley, Aldor Acres dairy producer since 1999, milking 45 cows daily on his parents’ Langley farm, Aldor Acres

Quote: “We are a local, sustainable and passionate family farm. We enjoy what we do and always like to share our day with visitors!”


Vancouver Sun article by Randy Shore